Xavian Joy



Natural variation on theme Joy in floorstanding version. The cabinet is hand-made using only massive oak wood.

The AudioBarletta drivers are made in Italy according to the Roberto Barletta requirement.

Thanks to the front passive membrane the installation is extraordinary simple since “all plays from the front”.

The crossover uses the unique “Fase Zero” topology for maximal coherency of acoustic response.

The bottom part of the cabinet is filled with natural sand for increased mechanical stability and mineralization of parassite resonances.

Jolly is always produced in oak massive wood and you may choose among the following finishes: natural oak, black, white, cognac, coffee and metropolitan grey.



Inspiration for Joy was the uncommon success of models Perla and Bonbonus.
From Perla we have kept the choice of premium massive wood for the hand crafted cabinets and the exclusive “Fase Zero” technology for the passive filters.
From Bonbonus we kept the compact sizes with easy installation.

The Joy hand crafted cabinet is exclusively made of massive oak wood: perfect for rigid and robust enclosures. The mid-bass and high frequency drivers have been developed for this specific purpose from the AudioBarletta production.

Musical performance is simply extraordinary.

Completely hand crafted in Prague.
For the one who wants to know more
Joy accepts only safe banana plugs: quality banana plugs are delivered for immediate playing music.
Joy may be easily mounted on the wall thanks to the integrated rear metal brackets.
The cabinets are always made only by oak massive wood: the available finishes are: natural oak, black, white, cognac, coffee and metropolitan grey.