Xavian Natura



Premio is realization of the discerning audiophile’s dream.

We desired to get close to Orfeo performances while allowing an easier installation thanks to the front “twin reflex” and achieve higher sensitivity. The Premio project is based on use of exclusive AudioBarletta drivers, crossover topology known as “Fase Zero”, Mundorf capacitors and high precision audio components. The corpus uses solid walnut of 23 mm of thickness, a generous amount of bitumen and internal damping.
Neutrality, power handling, extremely low distortion and phase coherence give Premio the qualities of a top class studio monitor.



Thanks to the international sympathy and global success of the Perla speakers we created its natural “enlarged” version. Selected italian mosaic massive walnut, exclusive AudioBarletta drivers, which we designed and manufactured by ourselves, sophisticated “Fase Zero” solution for serial crossover, front bassreflex, all those are the main features for our new Ambra. Musicality, unrivaled naturalness, ability to fill even bigger rooms, coherence and impressive deep and colorful bass, this all is Ambra. Choice for the listener, who feels the difference.

Specially dedicated Ambra stands allow you to screw the speakers for better stability and safety, enhancing Ambra´s natural beauty.



“Naturalness in everything is good for all.” Hippocrates.

Perla begins a new series of XAVIAN speakers called Natura – naturalness in Italian. We chose this name because we believe that naturalness is the basis for music reproduction. Creating Perla we can prove that we can do the impossible.

Perla is a compact two-ways speaker with front bass-reflex. The cabinet is made of solid Italian walnut with a structure that we call “mosaic”. The magic of Perla catches you at glance: just admire and touch her. Fascination becomes euphoria when she starts playing music. Sophisticated crossover in serie, selected components, simple installation and an exclusive appearance create a recipe that you can not resist.



With rare elegance Stella replaces Ambra where the floor installation is possible.
Thanks to the front passive membrane the bass response is deeper and more authoritative.
Plasticity, musicality and expression are very similar to those already known from Ambra.
New Stella belongs to timeless products whose value persists in time: new and classic at the same time.
We deliver Stella with 5kg of sand in the bottom chamber for improved stability.