About AV Lounge

AV Lounge is the brainchild of Mr. Venkat, a civil engineer, who owns a reputed construction firm. At the end of a highly stressful work day, listening to music in a quiet, peaceful place, leaving the outside world & worries was a relaxing and rejuvenating experience he used to look forward to every day.

His initial music system was very modest and gradually this hobby grew into something more serious with him spending his free time to research various products, traveling around to listen to various setups and in the process gaining lots of knowledge and experience about music itself and  also various audio brands, equipments, tweaks and calibrations. Being a civil engineer he could easily incorporate interior and acoustic changes to his listening room and experience the difference in the sound signature of his setup. It took him about 15years to arrive at a setup where the components, cables, acoustics and other small but significant tweaks gelled together with a beautiful synergy to give a heavenly listening pleasure.

This musical journey led him to think about creating a space where like minded music lovers can lounge in a homely atmosphere and enjoy their favorite music in a setup which recreates live performance. With this aim he chose not not only the best components but also a lovely place in a quite neighborhood in the heart of the city. He knew by experience how much a peaceful, relaxed ambiance multiplies the joy of good music. This is the origin of AV Lounge.

AV Lounge is the Indian distributor for Ayon Audio, Convergent Audio Technology(CAT), Audia Flight, Rosso Fiorentino, Kuzma, Nottingham Analogue Studio, Remton Audio, Xavian,Rockna Audio, Audiobyte, EMT, ZYX , MJ Acoustics, Rothwell Audio,M2Tech & Analysis Plus and is also the dealer for Sony HT Projectors, Anthem HT components, Audioquest cables, Oppo bluray players.

AV Lounge is also has our own brand of Balanced Power Conditioner designed specifically for sophisticated Audio, Video & studio equipment.

Av Lounge’s retail showroom is in Kilpauk, Chennai where our distribution brands and dealership brands are presented for audition in 4 listening rooms and 1 hometheater.