Analysis Plus Video Cables


Analysis Plus new HDMI cable is a 24 AWG -many companies use flimsy 30 AWG.

NEW high speed w/ethernet

It is High Speed with Ethernet and fully support all features of HDMI® v1.4. Data rate >10.2Gbps- covering 1080p, Audio Return Channel (ARC) and all 3D formats.

It has been certified by Panasonic ATC under HDMI CTS 1.4 Cat.2.

It comes in 1.0 meter, 2.0 meter, 3.0 meter, 4.0 meter, 5.0 meter and 6.0 meter lengths.

We also have made the molded connector slimmer (16.75mm to


Supports resolutions of 1080p/1080i/720p/720p/720i/480p/480i
Bandwidth: 1.65 GHz
Maximum cable lengths 1080p 50 meters source side and 10 meters display side wit X-Factor HDMI
Works with both HDMI and DVI equipped components (DVI adapter required)
Supports DDWG standards for HDMI compliant monitors.

Compatible with VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA

24K gold plated connectors for optimum signal transfer

Low power consumption. Powered directly from most HDMI sources.

5 Volt DC 500 mA power adapter included for optimum performance.

Operating Temperature 50 F to 122 F
CE / FCC / PSE Compliant


Getting the very best picture from your television system requires high quality cables between the source and the display. At the higher frequencies of video signals, carefully controlled impedance is critical to prevent deterioration of the picture.

Most commodity video cables are assembled with pigtail connections which creates an impedance discontinuity. Analysis Plus Oval Video cables use true 75 ohm connectors to maintain the impedance.

The patent hollow oval conductor design maximizes bandwidth.

A shield attached to the connectors with a 360 degree contact surrounds the signal conductors preventing outside electrical interferences from contaminating your picture.

Available bundled as 3, 4 or 5 conductor sets. Terminations are RCA connectors.


Component video connections on new generation source components and TVs promise no-compromise picture quality. But that promise isn’t kept unless the cable that carries the delicate video signal keeps every nuance clean and intact.

Our hand-made Component Oval One cable uses our proprietary oval braided signal conductor for maximum signal transfer.

A braided outer shield mate to a solder-less true 75 ohm connector (RCA, BNC or F) screens out RFI and EMI noise that could otherwise degrade picture quality.

A low-loss dielectric, 100-percent shield coverage, and 360-degree compression connections provide the truest colors and details.

Delivering the best performance at the best price, Component Oval One is simply one of the most cost effective A/V upgrades you’ll find anywhere.