Aurora Amplifiers


1. Hybrid construction by Tube and Transistors
Low noise, Low distortion, Wide range plus massive tube sound.

2. EL34 parallel push-pull with Triode connection, max power 43W+43W
Superb linearity of  EL34 triode,Enough power for modern low sensitivity speakers.

3. Lundahloutput transformer
Dual coil structure, wire winding in flat, open structure, no stress.

4. Capability to drive 4ohm to 16ohm Speaker impedance by one output
No taps for 4,8,16ohm.  Not affected by un-used open winding.

5. NEC and Toshiba vintage Discrete Transistor front end circuits
Support real XLR balance input or RCA unbalance.

6. Interstagedriver transformer, made ofFineMetcore material
Arrange good signal path by separating Tube section and Transistor section

7. Non over all negative feedback loop
Free from counter electromotive force from speakers.  High speed purity sound

8. Independent power regulator for tube section and Transistor section.
Stable power supply in any dynamic range from pianissimo to fortissimo.

9. Large size EI core power transformer, made in Japan
High performance regulation

10. Rohm silicon carbide diode for rectifier
Super low switching noise.  Beautiful pianissimo.

11. High voltage Polypropylene Film capacitors for ripple filter in power regulator
Long life, good performance in all frequency range.

12. Solid aluminum 8mm top plate wooden body, solid brass foot insulators
Chassis is constructed by non magnetic substance materials.

13. Plug in compatibility for any brand of EL34
Self bias circuit, no need to adjust the bias voltage at tube change.

14. Plug in compatibility for KT150.  Two units of KT150 per channel
Easy to enjoy different sound character.  No need bias voltage adjustment.


Input RCA unbalanced or XLR balanced
Input impedance 56kohm
Max Power 43W+43W  8Ω load
Gain 31dB
Frequency Resp. 20Hz – 30kH,  -1.5dB
THD+N 0.05%      1kHz,at 5W
Noise -114dB,80uV, Input short
Functions RCA/XLR select,    Input MUTE SW
Vacuum Tubes TELEFUNKEN reproduced, made in Slovakia
Size W340mm x D510mm x H225mm
Weight 23 kg


– Powerful driving capability with BTL balanced drive configuration
– Independent L/R block with 4-wire circuit design for excellent sound stage and positioning
– 4-pin XLR and 3-pin XLR, plus ¼” unbalance standard headphone jack accommodate universal application
– Capable of driving various types of headphones covering wide range of sensitivities and impedances by
selecting between High-gain and Low-gain position
– Employing four Aurora Amp Modules which take advantage of the best benefits of transistors and JFETs,
achieving super-high dynamic range with ultra-low distortion and quiescent level
– Extremely stable power-supply with use of an ultra-low noise/low impedance regulator coupled with a
toroidal transformer
– Aluminum chassis encased in a Wooden cabinet exude an aura of mid-century-like dignity
– Machine-tooled/rhodium-plated RCA jacks, Neutrik XLR Connectors, Solid Metal-foot-Insulator, aluminum
Knob promote classy appearance of HEADA


Output power Balance out   2,000mWx2/40Ω, 800mWx2/600
Unbalance out  1,000mWx2/40Ω,   240mWx2/600Ω
THD+N Balance out 0.004%,  unbalance out 0.004%,   1kHz
Input signal , impedance 1Vrms, 47kΩ for CH1 and CH-2
Frequency response 10Hz – 120kHz  -1.5dB
AC power AC100V -120V (50/60Hz)      40W for Japan and USA model
AC220V – 240V                      40W for Europe and Asia countries model
Size W260mm X D250mm x H100mm
Weight 3.5kg