Aurora Pre Amplifiers


PREDA is a solid state preamplifier with analog IN/OUT employing state-of-the-art transformer-type volume control system. The transformer uses super-reliable lead relays with 54-step, permitting precise setting with perfect Infrared remote control. Unlike conventional resister-type attenuator, the transformer system has no loss of signals, as heat, enabling precision volume control settings. Aurorasound’s newly developed discrete amp-module, having achieved ultra wideband and low distortion, balances input signal sources and adopt any type of output power amplifiers with excellent signal control.

PREDA is developed with a completely new concept by adopting independent block for power supply, amplifiers, input and output modules for each L/R channels. A heavy duty solid aluminum chassis, extruded knobs, anti-vibration foot insulators are employed to achieve the highest-level musical performance, operation and aesthetics.   It is an ideal preamplifier as the center core of your audio system.

Apr.2014, Gain select switch is added on the bottom of chassis. This function is more minus 16 step down foe mid-night listening.



INPUT Line-level RCA Unbalance x4, XLR Balance x2
OUTPUT RCA Unbalance x1, XLR Balance x1 (#2HOT is convertible to #3 HOT with Global Phase Invert )
GAIN 10dB,     -6dB at Gain select SW on.
Frequency Response 5Hz . 100kHz -1.5dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.008%   A weighted
INPUT/OUTPUT Impedance Input 56kΩ /   Output 47Ω
Function 54Step Volume Contro,、 more -16step at Low Gaion mode,  L/R Balance Control、Mute、Display On/Off
Input Selector x6, Global Phase Reverse、Remote Control for those Functions
Size and Weight W 420 x D 330 x H 90mm、 10.8kg     AC100-120V  or  AC220-240V



  • Compatible with MC and MM type cartridges. High/Low Impedance Selector switch is provided. (6 position options)
  • Adopted LCR type RIAA device. Unlike conventional NF & CR type for RIAA curve, VIDA uses L (coil) to generate precise RIAA curve, resulting in much fulfilling midranges.
  • With use of the latest semiconductor devices and discrete amplifier circuit, it chieved a complete DC circuit design. As a result, capacitors in signal path were completely eliminated.
  • Resolution in the low frequencies and reduced distortions, it enables you to enjoy even vivid music hall atmospheres coupled with the players’ positioning on the stage.
  • A large size MUTE switch together with other functions are aligned in the front panel for improved man-machine interface for user-friendly operation.
  • High SNR was achieved with use of an external power supply unit having extremely stable and super low-noise and high-speed circuits.